How to Choose a Free Logo Maker Online

Logo making became very easy as compared to earlier. However, it is quite difficult to choose a perfect logo creator online as there are thousands of thousand sites advert on this. In addition, many of them are paying sites; whereas people belong to new or small business needs free logo designers so that they can easily choose/hire/create a logo there instantly. 

Designing is not only an art but also an unspeakable illustration of something. Similarly, a logo is a kind of graphical illustration that utters a business’s, companies, or concept’s theme or aim. Hence, a logo should be the perfect one that should be elucidating either company/business name or theme/aim/concept of that company. I am logo designer since over 15 years; however nowadays people used to select and hire better designers/freelancer directly online. Many a more sites are there which promotes several freelance designers under art/designing category. If someone needs logo designers online they can search under this category; surely they’ll find thousand logo makers. However, how to select a perfect logo maker online; these are the features to encounter before choosing a designer:
  • Check the freelancer’s profile if you’re going through any freelancing sites like Fiverr, freelancer, gigbucks, tenrr, etc. Go through the seller’s review and past order’s comments and rating; read properly what the seller gives before buying/ordering there. Read some more points that mentioned below.
  • If you’re searching direct logo makers online, then no doubt you’ll get thousands in the search engine. Don’t waste time there, just check these five points first: 
    1. Check the PageRank (Google PR and Alexa PR) in your browser; it indicates a website’s reputation in the worldwide web. The low PR sites are better than higher PR values. 
    2. Then go to the feedback or customer review page if there. 
    3. Check sample and past templates done by their customers; if it seems good, unique and dynamic, then Ok. 
    4. Check the font styles offered by the sites; in addition the color palette, effect tools, sample templates/elements, etc. 
    5. The last and prime thing is the site should offer free logos at high resolution and transparent image, i.e. PNG format.

DesignApp is free logo maker, logo designer platform that offers full design application and tons of design elements, thousands of free use icons, more than 650 font styles where you can create your own logo in a few minutes without knowing any design tool or programming. The final output is excellent in DesignApp images with high resolution, transparent and .png format.