Online Safety Tips - Educate Your Children

Internet browsing and practicing is a regular habit in children. Children uses internet for education purpose to learn and get information on their subjects and as well as current affairs. However there are so many negative aspects of using internet by children, which every parent should know correctly. In this article you’ll find some online safety tips for children which parents should know and education their children without delaying.

Internet is become too much friendlier than that of school or classmates of children. Children are getting huge information and knowledge from the internet data base. There is no doubt every child would like to be a great person in its future; though follows and refers lot of information from online browsing.
However there are some drawbacks of online practicing if it was not used properly by them. Please look after these crucial points and educate your children about the same as mentioned below.
  • Never disclose your personal information: Educate your children about disclosing personal information over online; which may causes to hazardous or inconvenience due to misuses, accidentally. The personal information about family, education, family income etc. is very sensitive matters which may be seriously exploited by cheaters or spammers.
  • Never fill online forms: While browsing sites over internet there are many ads and survey forms are over displaying with lot of humor, surprise gifts and offer. Children are very much attracted to those and may fill the forms. It may cause good or bad, can’t say but should not be attempted without proper knowledge and guidance. 
  • Never share your system to your friends: Children should not share their system or laptop with their friends in case of their absence or presence without proper security/locking the files and folders of online applications and offline drives. 
  • Never chat with unknown persons: While entering into chat rooms, never try to participate or chat with unknown group or peoples. During you chat session they may send vulgar or spamming files which may affect your system badly. They may even ask some informal information about your family, school or neighbor which may be in view of their future illegal planning.
  • Never disclose about your locality vie online: While chatting over online or participating in social networking sites do not disclose your secret or vital information about your locality or resident area which can be covered by illegal activists to target something wrong. 
  • Never send or share vulgar or illicit pictures or mails to others: If you receive any spam mail or vulgar or illicit pictures accidentally; never share or send it to your friends. It may causes to serious hazard to their system and/or noticed by their parents which can create negative feeling towards you and your family. In addition, never open the spam mails and/or reply to the mails at any cost.
Apart from this, there are some online safety tips, which must be noticed and followed by the parents if their child uses their family computer. While browsing internet never visit illegal or viral sites; which can be perceived by the children and may use later in your absence. Delete the caches and cookies, temporary files, browsing history, downloaded history or your browser. 

In addition, clear the saved passwords of filled forms and saved passwords while shutting down your system. Never share your debit or credit card password or online banking username and password to your children; it can be misused by them while you’re absence. Until they grow young, ask them for what purpose they keen to use the internet or to whom they want to send message or chat. By following and educating these online safety tips, you can save your child as well as yourself from various unnatural obstacles.