Converting Pictures into Slideshow or Video Became Easy Now

Photography is now a trendy in every social networking site. People are eager to take their selfies and share in their networking sites. However, most of the people do not have any idea of collating photos to make a video or slide show to illustrate others. Now this feature comes very easy even in iPhone and Androids; just forget the desktop applications. You can easily make your pictures into slideshow and video from your phone and share and email directly to your friends. It’s very true; come and see - how.

Earlier it is completely difficult to do this by a lengthy and time-taking process. Most of the people now are too unaware of it; even they are good or familiar with computer and internet. Converting pictures into slideshow or video was not so easy earlier, as we need to download & install the software in our computer. While installing most of we faced a lot of problems concerning system protection. Then, while collating the photos and converting into slide or video it took lot of time and burn huge disk memory. If it was done successfully the videos appears with the brand’s watermark logo or information that really creates annoyance to viewers. And again, if you want to upload and share the video in social networking sites, it is another critical assignment of spending lots of time and painful due to slow uploading process, &etc.

But don’t worry! Now it became very easy as PepBlast makes a slideshow video with pictures on your smart phone. There is nothing difficulty and time taking. Just install the app in your phone from Google Play Store or App Store and make videos smartly by uploading the photos from your gallery. There are thousands of designs, effects, themes, music available in this app that helps you creating a dazzling slideshow video by collating your photos from your phone. 

PepBlast is completely time-saving, easy operating (no need to be trained), easily sharing & emailing directly from your smart phone. It is one of the best methods to store and share photos/pictures of every occasion by one click into video format. Readers, if you really love taking pictures and sharing them with your friends, download PebBlast today and enjoy its features of animated slideshow video.