Preserving old memories through photo restoration

Memories are the golden moments of our life which never die, omit or wipe away; these are the unforgettable moments or incidents that stays for a long period in various form like stories, documentaries, painting, films and photographs. Preserving old memories by restoring old photos is a kind of better preservation or keeping them with the help of digitization. So, what is photo restoration?

Photo restoration is a photo processing technique by which an old or damaged photo can be formatted to new one with the help of various photo editing tools or software like Photoshop. With the help of Photoshop tools an expert can remove the dirt patches or tints from the old photos and make a beautiful or new one.

If we undergo each and every family in our society we’ll find most of us having some old photographs/paintings/historical documents or books or pictures. If we do not care them properly, they may not last for long time; and we’re very lucky that due to new and advanced technology those items can be stored or preserved with restoration and digitization. It is commonly seen that after certain year the old black & white photos start fading and a yellow colored layer appears on top. Similarly the colored photos also turn into pink or orange color. With the help of photo restoration the experts remove those coated color and repair into a good one. After restoration you may print them or save in your hard disk drive / CD/DVD or share to your family, relatives and friends through various social networking websites.

With the help of photo restoration, you not only edit or repair the old or damaged photos; you can also add some extra backgrounds/images/persons and color them from black & white to look more attractive. An advanced photo restoration process may also include removal of scratches, dusts/tints/stains, water or fire damage spots etc. 

There are very few such companies or practitioners who do such kind of photo editing jobs; but it is difficult to find out how better their output is. The quality of output depends upon their method of scanning the films, slides, original photos with the help of high quality scanner and use of advanced photo editing tools and good practices.