Earn Money as an Online Website Services Consultant at Home

As we know there are about more than 170 million blogs were already published and every day some thousands breeding. As I am running my own five websites and more than 20 blogs and sites of self and others; I could tell how an online website services consultant is essential or helpful for a website owner. In this fast moving e-world every person requires a consultant who can teach, guide and/or undertake the job of his website or blog. Here I’ve given some of the basic requirements of such consultants, which I think somehow help the people who seeks to earn some extra money in their past time at home.

While choosing this job as a personal income source, you must be a computer graduate or having technical knowledge of both hardware and software with web-designing, web-hosting, web application designing, template designing, troubleshooting, Java, CSS, .ASP, SEO etc. with good English skill. If you know all of these subjects, then do not require any other additional staff for this business.

What Will Be My Job as an Online Website Services Consultant?

As an Online Website Services Consultant your job will be assisting the people who need helps while operating or managing their websites. While operating a website, one must be faced several technical issues such as search engine optimizing, keyword tooling, advertising, database maintaining, usages of flash, video and photos, etc. other than this you can take orders for web-designing, hosting, template designing, flash or video making etc.

The Basic Requirement for an Online Website Services Consultant

To begin your profession or spend your past time to earn as an Online Services Consultant one can start this business with a minimal investment that depends upon the machinery price as per their country and region. At first you need a high standard PC, a wire lined and/or wireless high-speed internet facility, telephone with ISD facility; which may costs around INR 70, 000 to 80,000 (US $ 1, 500) in India and its neighbor countries.

However, with such a minimum investment if you work full-time, you can earn a monthly Rs. 25, 000 to 30, 000 and as a part time Rs. 15k to 20k; which I think is not a bad earning. However, most of the online website services consultancies provides 24x7 service or throughout the week at anytime; and your additional cost will be your monthly internet charges only, as you’re functioning from your residence that’s why.

How to Start and Promote This Business?

While starting this business it will took a period of 2-3 month for better pickup; initially you need to reach each and every of your friends, relatives, neighbors, attending social meetings, fairs, events, connect people through various websites, social networking sites & forums etc. to spread about your started job and let the people know and ask feed-backs from them about your products, prices, services, pros & cons etc.

In this internet world, there are several methods of spreading or promoting an issue and information; some of the most important practices are through social networking sites, online messaging boards, creating your own website and offering businesses over there, affiliate marketing, advertising both through offline and online, wall posts, flyers, newspapers etc. it depends upon you, how you could reach more people with some easiest methods.