Write Better Anchor Text to Optimize Your Contents

Anchor text is nothing but a link given to a word or small phrase that a user can jump to another page through that link. The Anchor text can be created anywhere inside a post or article content, image caption or any text in a post. 

It is a method of connecting content to another one effortlessly. By doing such practices it will not only helps the readers to get more information about your topic but also helps the search engines to get an additional link from your content. However, there are certain limitations or procedures of writing better anchor texts to optimize the contents; let us see.

Anchor text can be created with the help of html coding <a href=”sitename.html”>word or phrase</a>. In addition, you can use some additional codes such as <a href=”sitename.html” target=’_blank’> to open that page in a new window; and <a href=”sitename.html” rel=’nofollow’> in case of external links and comments published with external links etc.

How an Anchor text would be?

  • Anchor texts should be a small phrase with 3-5 words that indicates a useful meaning to the linking page;
  • Anchor text shouldn’t be like: page1, read more, click here, article etc. the link must be mentioned to a small phrase or few words in sentence.
  • Do not create links or anchor texts to a dissimilar or irrelevant topic or page;
  • Don’t repeat a page’s link 3-4 times in an article with anchor texts;
  • Use anchor text for internal links or other pages of your site, which can build more traffic to your site;
  • Create anchor texts with different format or color than the regular fonts of your article or post. Giving similar font and color may be unidentified by the readers in sometime. The readers may lose or miss the page mistakenly which s/he wants or related to that topic.