Why Using Description Meta Tags In Each Page of Blogs or Sites?

Description is nothing but the summary of a page from which a user and search engine could know about the contents having in that page. Without summary a user will unable to identify what the article contains and not the search engines to optimize your page for search results. Therefore, using proper description or summary will helps finding the readers easily while searching. In this article I’ve explained why the description Meta tags should be used in each and every page of a site and how it can be done.

What Are The Merits Of Description Meta Tags On Behalf Of SEO?

Suppose you’re running a portfolio or photo album site, but due lack of content your page is not optimizing and showing in the Google or any others' open directories.
In such cases you can use Meta tags for your page or can write a short description about your page in the search description container. In addition, use the same keywords in title also. The description or summary you wrote for any page will might be indexed by Google and use as a snippet or small preview of your page while searching for such keywords.  

In the above pictures, the words showing in bold are the searched words of a user, which are indexed by Google and produced the result at top. 

How to Create Description Meta Tags?

If you’re making pages in Blogger, then it is very easy to create description. On the right hand side of your blog post area you’ll find a box of post settings, there is an option as Search Description; where you can write 1-2 sentences with your content related keywords/tags. By doing this, Google will show the snippet of this written description while searching, not your first paragraph of content. However, you need to focus while writing on the below given tips also.
  • The descriptions of each and every page must be unique and different; must not use a single tag in all of your pages.
  • Do not write only keywords in the descriptions; and
  • Do not paste the entire content of your article in the description Meta tag.