Which Are The Most Important Gadgets For A Blog?

While creating a blog or site through blogger, we must concentrate on some of the common and very important widgets/gadgets that must be placed. The most important widgets or gadgets for a blog are: Follow by Email, Popular Posts, Pages, Blog List, Labels, Profile, Blog Archive, Page Header, Custom Search bar, and other social networking site’s social plugins. In addition, we must know which gadgets are to be kept at which place also. Without proper placing and appropriate size of the gadgets a viewer or reader may face difficulty to search and access. In this article I’ve explained how to and where we should put these important gadgets in a blog.

How to Configure Page List in a Blog?

To configure a page list you must create minimum a single page for your blog; which can be done easily when you click on the ‘Pages’ option in your blog’s dashboard and activate the option ‘Show pages as’. By default, the ‘Home’ page is available for your blog and you can create more pages by own and/or add external/internal links to create additional page tabs. The best look for placing the page list is on Top; however it can be kept at side links if suits your page style.

How to Add Popular Posts Gadget in a Blog?

‘Popular Posts’ gadget is one of the important gadgets which must be kept in a blog to view on which topic the readers are more and to inform readers about the highly visited & most popular topics in your site. If you click on the ‘Add a Gadget’ option in your blog, you’ll find an option as ‘Popular Posts’ where you can show your most viewed posts of all time/last 30 days/last 7 days; in addition, you can show the post image with a small snippet also. Select the no. of posts you want to display on your blog. Place this gadget on your side column of your blog for better appearance.

How to Add a Label Gadget in a Blog?


Showing Labels will enlighten the readers about your content topics and no. of articles or posts on respective topic. If you want to put this gadget, just click on the ‘Add a Gadget’ option on your blog ‘Layout’ page and choose ‘Label’ option. You can sort the labels or tags alphabetically or by frequent; you can display all the labels or selected labels in a list form or cloud form with number of posts per label. Locate this gadget either at side column or below your blog posts. 

How to Add a Follow by Email Gadget in a Blog?


‘Follow by Email’ is fantastic gadget, which is used when a fan of your blog or site subscribe to get email alerts whenever you publishes a new post in your blog. It is easily found under ‘Add a Gadget’ option and can be kept anywhere in the blog.

What Is ‘Subscription Links’ Gadget And How To Add In A Blog?


‘Subscription Links’ gadget is very similar to ‘Follow by Email’ gadget; however in this option the subscribers will get a notification from the popular feed reader. It is easily found when your click on the ‘Add a Gadget’ option and can be put anywhere in the blog or site.

How To Add A ‘About Me’ Or ‘Profile’ Gadget In A Blog?


‘About Me’ or ‘Profile’ gadget is available in the second page of ‘Add a Gadget’ page. It displays information about yourself to your visitors; however if there is more than one writers of a blog, it shows as ‘Contributors’ instead of ‘About Me’ profile. Better keep this gadget on your side column or at below side columns of your blog.

How to Add ‘Blog Archive’ Gadget in a Blog?

‘Blog Archive’ option shows a list of your all time published articles of posts either in a drop-down menu, flat listed or hierarchical listing. It is available in the second page of the ‘Add a Gadget’ page and better to locate this gadget at top side column to navigate easily by the readers.

How to Add Social Networking Plugins in a Blog?

Google+ has its own plugin that is available in the ‘Add a Gadget’ page; however to locate other social networking site’s plugins you need to copy the HTML/JavaScript code from the respective site with your user-ID and paste in the ‘HTML/JavaScript Gadget’ available in the ‘Add a Gadget’ page.  It can be kept below of any side columns; however if you’re locating three plugins better to place them at below in three separate column, as I kept.