Use ALT Attribute In Images for Content Search Optimization

ALT Attribution for Images, How to use ALT attribution in Images?
Attributing images with ALT is one of the best practices to navigate an article in search engines. Nowadays, it not only became a fashion but also a necessity to put a picture beside your blog post or article, so that while searching for pictures or photos in Google, Bing or other search engines, your pictures or photos will appear. It can be done better with proper attribution with ALT code in HTML. There are some methods of practices are explained in this article for your reference.

Most of the search engines as Google support JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP picture format; and it is best to maintain a similar kind of picture format in your blog. The ALT attribute is nothing but a method of putting information about a picture loaded in an article or content. If the images are important for your article and you’ve kept as information for the readers, then you must have to use this attribute on behalf of the users and as well as the search engines. 

Sometime, while opening a site the picture may not open due to low internet speed or unidentified picture formatting. If ALT attribute used in to such images, it can helps the reader to know what the picture is about through the message it shows. Images can be linked to other pages or sites, as we do anchoring for text links. There are certain limitations while practicing this attribute in blog or site:
  • Never use only images or photos for navigating external pages with ALT attributes;
  • Never use lengthy or excessive words in image ALT attribute;
  • Create specific image directories for your site. However, for blogging in BlogSpot you can save images in Google Photos with different folders and link them in to your article or post; also learn 'how to upload images in Blogger'
  • Write image file names as per the image information; not like image1.jpg, pic1.jpg etc. give unique and different file names for different pictures;
  • Do not copy and paste a complete sentence or repeated keywords in ALT attributes.