Top Ten SEO Topics for Better Site Building

Top 10 SEO Topics for Better Site Building
In this article I’ve explained the best SEO tips which can be practiced for better blog or site building. As I’ve written more than twenty articles on blogging and SEO, these are the keynotes of them and the best ten are listed here, which I think may be useful for the new bloggers and webmasters. 

As a report there is about 170 million blogs are made till date and everyday thousands of blogs are creating globally, which was never expected before 10 year. This is because, each and every word in/out of the dictionary can be searched in internet; due to which students and entrepreneurs are also moving towards blogging and web making to build their career. However, there are certain restrictions of content writing/posting (Google’s Panda, Penguin etc.), Copyrighting, Plagiarism, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) like rules must be followed by everyone.

No doubt, how much quality and quantity your content consists, but lack of proper content optimization your posts or pages would not keep any value in the World Wide Web. Please have a look after the best ten topics on SEO and put a comment from your heart.
  1. Why to Create Unique and Accurate Page Titles; And How?
    • Title is the first impression by a reader, as well as of search engines; so know ‘which are the reasons and methods of creating unique and accurate page title’ from this page link.
  2. Why Using Description META Tags In Blog/Site?
    • Meta Tags will helps finding out your site and pages in search engine while searching. An accurate explanation about your site and page can helps to navigate by the search engines.
  3. How to Improve Site Structure with Perfect URLs for Better Navigation?
    • While creating titles for a page, it is also important to build a proper, unique and accurate URL for your site and its pages. The words in the URL also works are keywords that could helps uplift your site/page in the listing.
  4. Create Quality Content and Service for Better Content Optimization
    • Quality content, well written, proper language and grammar are the best keys for content optimization. A useful and fresh content can give more value to a site. Learn how to write articles and give services for better optimization.
  5. Write Better Anchor Text to Optimize Your Contents
    • Anchoring or linking texts with other internal/external links can improve more traffic to your site. Learn how to write better anchor texts to optimize the contents.
  6. Use ALT Attribute In Images for Content Search Optimization
    • Locating images with proper ALT attribute is one kind of SEO practicing for websites. ALT attributes will also help to find out your subject or posts while searching; learn how.
  7. Highlight Important Texts with Proper Heading Tags
    • Differentiate or break a lengthy page with various paragraphs and use proper header tags to highlight the paragraph titles. Read the basic tips on using proper heading tags in an article.
  8. How to Use NOFOLLOW Tags Properly?
    • Don’t lose your profit or value of highly gained performance and/or exertion; do not lose and supply your reputation or page rank to other unknown sites. Learn how to save your site with the help of rel=’nofollow’ tag.
  9. How to Promote Your Website in A Right Way?
    • Spread out and report to the world about your business, knowledge and talent with proper sharing and promoting of your website. Learn some of the basic tools of sharing such as back-linking, social networking, and many more.
  10. Make Use of Free Webmaster Tools
    • Read and learn the tools provided by Google Developers, and other webmasters. Learn the most important facts such as crawling, Googlebot, robots.txt, etc.