Make Use of Free Webmaster Tools with SEO to Increase Traffic

SEO Techniques to Increase Traffic
Webmaster tools are already available by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines that can be used to perform better resulting of your website in search engines. Google’s Webmaster Tools, Yahoo! Site Explorer and Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools are the best free tools which must be practiced while creating a website under these. With the help of these tools the websites can be control or run smoothly and perfectly without any crawling or other issues. 

With the help of these tools, webmasters can analyze and general robot.txt file, identify issues regarding the Meta Tags, crawling problems, know how the users navigate your site, what’re the most viewed pages and keywords applied to search and reached your pages etc. However, no need to check daily and thoroughly about the issues, if you’ve perfectly studied and applied as per the instructions of SEO Guides.

How to Increase Traffic of Your Blog or Blogger Site?

To increase traffic of your blog, there are some tools which are openly provided to the users by the BlogSpot. In Blogger Dashboard, see the ‘Setting’ tab, where you’ll find an option as ‘Search Preferences’. In that you’ll found several settings such as; Description, Custom Page Not Found, Custom Redirects, Custom robots.txt, Custom robots header tags

  • Description: Enable the search description field with Yes and write a short description of your website or blog in the text field provided. The character limit is 150, which should address the theme or subject of your website for better optimization. Read, Why Using Description META Tags in Blogs and Sites for more knowledge and information.
  • Custom Page Not Found is used to display a message to the readers when they click on a page and found nothing; there you can put an apologize message as “Sorry! The Page you’re searching is not available. Please Press ‘Backspace’ To Get Back the Origin” or anything similar to this. You can also use style fonts with a picture message if your template having Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). 
  • Custom Redirects: If you’ve deleted some of your old pages from your site or blog, this option can be used to redirect from old erased pages into a new existing page. To activate such option, go the Dashboard > Setting > Search Preference and click Edit buttons to set or mention the deleted URL in the ‘source’ field and new URL in the ‘destination’ field. To activate or redirect more pages, click on the ’New redirect’ option and write as above said. 
  • Custom robots.txt: This setting is very crucial, which must implemented very acutely. You might have opt the option for search engines to find out your page or post while searching; however you can make some pages unsearchable or don’t want to crawl while searching. It can be done through this setting, custom robots.txt. (Crawling means indexing the contents by crawlers like Googlebot when people search for and produce result while searching). Read more about Googlebot 
  • Custom robots header tags: This setting is also risky as robots.txt. Here you can found three options, such as Home Page, Archive and Search pages, and Default for Posts and Pages. These three options must be customized meaningfully as instructed by Google Developers. 
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