How to Select an Appropriate Template for Your Blog?

How to select an appropriate template for blog and site? color, pattern and size of a template, free blog templates online, how to customize the blog's templates?
Selecting an appropriate template is one of the important tasks while creating a blog or site. This is because; there are several reasons of it which I’ve explained in this article. Template is nothing but the designed model or outline of a webpage. When someone opens a website s/he first gets attracted with the design or pattern of the front page; how it looks, how much time it takes to open, what are it’s features/menus, animated or graphics in that etc. I’ve seen many websites which are good looking and have tremendous information and aspects but due to slow processing or opening of pages shatter the curiosity of viewers or readers.  As per my opinion choosing an appropriate template for a blog is most significant than that of the contents published in that.

Color, Pattern and Size of a Template

Maximum Online Publishers who creates their blogs and sites for their own (not for business) makes their pages colorful, animated by flash and some attractive widgets etc. but not everyone.  However, the professional websites are simple, single or double colored, non-animated and of a similar or unique patterns. Choosing a color for your blog template may be depends upon you; some chooses as per their favorite or lucky color and some go for fancy or multicolored. What I suggest is, whatever color you choose for your template it doesn’t matter but choose only two colors; one for your page background, second for your post background. 

Instead of colors some uses color or pictured patterns in the backgrounds. The page background image shouldn’t be multicolored or with a high resolution so that it takes a long time to open the page and its accessories. Simple designed template with less resolution, plain background (white/cream colored) is superior, which addressed as a perfect template for any blog or site.

The standard size of a post template should be not more than 1050px or 1100px. No doubt, in 1200 or 1250px size screen consist one extra columns with some more widgets or gadgets; but the viewers who uses narrow screen instead of wide screens will feel difficulty in finding the extra columns and you may lose some extra page or link views by them.

Where to Get the Blog Templates?

If you’re making your blog or site under BlogSpot you’ll get seven varieties of free templates; such as dynamic, simple, picture window, awesome, watermark, ethereal and travel. Go to your blog dashboard, you’ll found a option as ‘Template’ in the left side columns, there you can view and apply your selected templates to your site or blog. You can get more free templates on this site: BlogTemplates which has more than four thousand blog templates at free of cost.  

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