How to Promote Your Website in A Right Way?

Example of Link Farm, How to Build Links
After a perfect completion of a website it is most important how you spread or promote your site so that it could reach maximum readers for your content. No doubt, there are several practices used by webmasters and site owners in these days; but the basic tools and ideas which most of the webmasters make use of are mentioned in this article. 

Some of the basic tools of website promoting are back-linking, sharing in social website, affiliate marketing, selling through Amazon and Google, etc.

Promoting Website through Content Writing and Back-Linking

To promote your website or business you can hire some content writers (or self) to write informative articles regarding your business and post in several free content posting sites, such as Ezynearticles, HubPages, Wordpress, Blogger etc. and put a link direct to your original website. By doing such practices, hope many readers will reach at your website.  This process is called back-linking, which can be done in various methods as described in the picture below and top:

Types of Link Building - SEO, How to promote your website, creating backlinks, SEO
Types of Link Building - SEO

Promoting Website through Social Networking Sites

As we know Google first started its social networking website Orkut and became very famous among internet users. Next, Facebook and now Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and hundreds of social networking sites are there which can be used as per the vacant time. At first join in the best five sites as mentioned above and get connect with the community related to your business or brand; then invite your friends and acquaintances by individually or group emailing, which are absolutely available in the site while getting into. Now post your content or page link with a small phrase of information (minimum once a day) so that your friends in your circle or community know about your business or activities and get in to your website to read the complete information. 

Promoting Website through Various Google’s Applications

Google has more than 20 best applications which can be used at free of cost to promote anything on websites; it may be photos, videos, selling products, promoting events or programs, writing contents, etc. Here is a list of some important and most used applications of Google:
  1. Google Photos: Take snaps and photos your product, write some information on each picture and load on Google’s Photo application. The people searching for your product will come through the information you’ve given, watch the picture for better clarification and get into your website for complete information.
  2. Google Video (YouTube): Create a video talk or presentation of your product and upload it through Google Video or YouTube and share it to your friend or community circle. Put small information with some keywords about your product beside the video, so that it could easily navigate by the search engines while searching.
  3. Google Places: Get registered with Google Places and promote your product through Google Map and Web. Read the benefits of Google Places.
  4. BlogSpot or Blogger is one of the best free tool provided by Google to promote anything online by sharing text, photos and video. Create your individual Blogs and spread your brand with some article, pictures and videos and link back to your own website.
  5. Google+: After doing all above share the links of photos, videos, maps and blogs in Google+ with your community and friend circle to inform them.