How To Hide Or Remove The Blogger Bar And Status Message Display Permanently?

You might have been seen a blogger bar at the top just above your blogger title bar, showing blogger symbol, search text box, g+ share button, more, next blog in left side and your email id, new post, design and sign out options in right side. Many webmasters remove this option permanently because of its unimportance and extra row above the blog header. If you want to remove the blogger bar permanently just go to the dashboard and then ‘Template’ and open the ‘Edit HTML’ page. 

Check the Expand Widget Template to see the expanded java scripts of your blog template.

Now search this code /* Variable definitions with Ctrl + F and paste this line #navbar-iframe {display: none !important;} just above the searched code.

You can see through Preview option to check whether it worked or not. Then you save the template.

How To Remove/Hide Blogger Status Message Display Permanently?

It is a status bar which displays when we click on a particular label or tag to search the related items.

To remove or hide this option of showing you can do with a small change as mentioned below. 

Search this code ]]></b:skin> and paste the below mentioned code just above/before it.
.status-msg-wrap{display:none !important;}
Now save the template and close. You can alter or UNDO the same by just deleting the last pasted code.