How to Create a Proper Blog Title and URL?

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Creating a blog title and a URL is may not be a difficult task; but in some cases it matters when you’re planning to promote your business or brand globally over internet. If the title doesn’t meets your business or brand as well as the policies of search engine optimization (SEO) your site may be underrated and clogged by other sites in the search engines; even you can’t find your site in the listed pages of search engine also. Therefore, it’s really a matter of concern and thinks on behalf of the SEO. So, let us see how your blog or website title would be and how the URL too.

As we know very well promoting or advertising is very effortless in internet as compared to newspaper and television. However, as everyone moving towards a common direction there must be a huge traffic and accidents ensues. To avoid such traffic in internet you much choose a proper title and URL, which can be easily searchable and accessible.

Selecting Keywords from Google AdWords PPC or CPC

Suppose you possess an attorney firm somewhere in U.S. and want to promote it through a website or blog to enhance your service and business in your locality. But when you come to know about the huge traffic in site listing you somehow became quiet and attentive on your action. Very well! Just think but nothing to be worry about. Just list out some keywords related to your business (i.e. attorney, lawyer, law firm, attorney at law etc.); or for which your firm works, such as estate attorney, bankruptcy attorney, injury attorney, accident attorney, criminal attorney, immigration attorney etc. The next step is to visit this site: Google AdWords through your Google’s user name and password. Here I’ve given the direct link for your practice; otherwise from the menu ‘Tools and Analysis’ you’ve to click on ‘Keyword Tool’ option. Here you can analysis your keywords and get a proper title for your business site or blog. Read this article: ‘Google AdWords Management PPC or CPC’ to get knowledge on how to select a perfect keyword for blog or website.

However knowing only keywords is not completion of work; you need to make a perfect sentence by merging the selected keywords from Google AdWords. You may add certain words such as, how to get… how to obtain… tips for… get started with… review on… the top 5… top 10… best things… best places to visit… etc. to perform a complete sentence. 

Creating a Proper URL for a Blog or Site

Similarly while creating an URL for your blog or site, try to compose the same keywords as of title or very similar to that. In rare cases you may change or break the title to create the URL. For which it is advisable to select four or five titles for your blog, so that any one of this could meet the availability of URL also.

Therefore, the URL should be very similar to your site or blog title. And a blog title and URL must be very catchy, easily memorable, and readable, spoken and written by a common educated person. Thanks for reading this article on creating a proper blog title and URL; please leave a comment here below to share something with us.