How to Create a New Post in Blogger?

Creating a post in blogger is one of the easiest methods of blogging or writing contents online. This is because; even if you don’t know the HTML tagging you can post contents with the help of various user-friendly tools. As we type matters in Ms-Word or WordPad, the blogger post box is similar where you’ll tools like, bold, italic, underlined, strikethrough, alignment, bulleting, numbering, fonts, heading tags etc.  Here I’m explaining some of the easiest procedures of creating a new post in blogger

At first, click on the ‘New Post’ orange color button beside your blog; the Post Editor page will open where you’ll found two boxes, one for the post title and the below one is for your post content. Write a title in the space given for Post title; read this content ‘‘How to Create a Proper Blog Post Title?’ to choose a suitable title for your post. In addition, you can change the URL with some necessary keywords in the ‘Permalink’ given right side under the ‘Post Settings’ menu. There you can change your unpublished post’s URL.

How to Post Contents in the Post Editor Page of Blogger?

As we know most of the writers uses applications like Ms-Word or WordPad or anything else to write their contents or articles; which is very helpful to check the spelling and grammatical errors. However, do not copy and directly post the contents in the Post Editor Page of blogger. This is because; it’ll publish the same font and formatted contents in your post, which may or may not seem good. What I suggest is, after writing and checking the errors in Ms-Word or WordPad copy the content into a Notepad and then copy the matters from Notepad and paste it in the Post Editor Page of blogger. There you can change your font and font styles as per your choice. 

How to Change the Appearance of the Post Contents?

After copying and pasting the contents in the Post Editor Page of blogger, you can edit and change appearance of fonts and add other things in to that. Here I’m explaining the uses of the on hand tools (numbered in red color):

1. To change the font style
2. To change the font size
3. To mark a specific line into heading or sub-heading
4. To make the fonts Bold
5. To Italicize the fonts
6. To underline the selected text
7. To draw a line through the middle of the selected text
8. To change the font color
9. To change the font background color
10. To add or remove a Link
11. To insert an image in to the post
12. To insert a video file in to the post (Read: How to insert image and video into a Blog?)
13. To insert jump break
14. To align the font or paragraphs
15. To create numbered listing
16. To create bulleted listing
17. To create a ‘Quote’
18. To remove text formatting
19. To check spelling
20. To define or translate the contents
21. To type a word in English phonetically to translate into other language
22. To choose your transliteration language
23. To align Left-to-right
24. To align Right-to-left

Now after completion of text formatting, click on the ‘Preview’ button to overlook your unpublished contents. Rectify or change the mistakes before posting and click on the ‘Publish’ button to publish your post.