How to Create a Blog?

How to create a blog? How to create a proper blog title and URL? Search Engine Optimization, How to select an appropriate template? How to create a new post in blogger? Blogging tips
A ‘Blog’ is an internet publishing tool provided by Google Inc. where a Google’s user can share her/his knowledge and experience globally. We’ve seen millions of people or Google’s users are using this tool to share their personal, professional, technical, non-technical and a lot with others. In addition, it is not only a source or method of sharing or publishing, many users became entrepreneurs of this era through blogging. Therefore, it’s a vast platform of learning and earning source at present. I welcome the readers of my ‘Blog’ and here I am sharing some easiest methods on ‘how to create a blog?

‘Blogger’ is automated publishing online software runs by ‘BlogSpot’ of Google Inc. which has several user-friendly tools and options for a user to create or design a blog or website of her/his choice. The only thing to access the page of blogger is you must have an account of Google or else you may sign up for a new account to create your blog.

After completion of signup procedure you just log on to with your Google’s user name and password. Blogger will ask for a display name to read the terms of services to this service. Just go through and do that, you’ll see a ‘create a blog’ link. Proceed with that link as an entry for the first step of creating a blog.
  1. At first you’ll be asked to enter your blog name / title and URL for you blog. Choosing a blog title and URL is also an important task, which I’ve described here: ‘How to Create a Proper Blog Title and URL?’ From this article you’ll get a hint or some idea on how to select a proper title and URL, so that it can be easily promote your thought as well as meet the policies of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So, after entering your preferred title and URL you need to choose a blog template, which are freely provided by Blogger. 
  2. There are so many templates available on BlogSpot, you may watch and try the designs, sizes and special effects that meet your interest and liking; but being a new user I advise you to select the ‘simple template’ of Blogger. This is because, it is very easy to practice and operate as compared to others. No doubt other templates are may be eye-catching or gorgeous, but it will give you much more work load and slows down the page load. 
  3. The third and last step is writing and publishing the posts. If you’re at Dashboard, you’ll see an option as ‘start blogging!’ just below the name of your blog or click on orange button showing ‘create new post’ with a pencil mark. If you’re in Overview tab, click the orange button showing ‘New Post’ option at top option of left side. After clicking on either ‘create new post’ or ‘New Post’ button, a blank text box with various tools will open. Where you can write, edit, modify, color texts, insert images, videos & links and see the preview of your unpublished post on a new window. If you satisfied with your content, design, color and whatever else you’ve done, and then click on ‘publish’ button to publish your post successfully.
Read to know ‘how to create a new post in blogger?’ with various methods such as, using tags (heading, sub-heading, bold, italic, underlined, strike-through etc.), inserting images, videos and external links, page breaking, page alignment, numbering/bulleting etc.

Hope this article will be helpful for the new users or fresher. If you satisfied with the methods of ‘how to create a blog’ and / or have any doubt or suggestion please leave a comment below.