How to Add Image and Video In To a Blog?

How to add image and video into a blog? How to create a blog? How to upload a video? How to share image and videos online and blogs?
BlogSpot provides an easiest formula to add images and videos from your desktop, phones and other websites. You can add images from Google (through Picasa), other websites of yours and others (must have permission to copy) and from (a third party service provider) and add videos direct from your desktop, phones and YouTube (from your Google’s account). While writing and publishing your posts into your blogger sites, you can add these very easily. In this article I’ve explained ‘how to add image and videos in to a blog?

How to Upload and Add Images In To a Blog?

There are several ways of uploading images in to websites. Some of the finest and better ways of uploading images are through Picasa (which is a Google’s product), and from any of your mobile devices.

While writing contents in Post Editor Page (Read: How to Create a Post in Blogger?), you’ll found a link ‘insert image’ in the formatting toolbar; just click on that link you’ll see a pop-up window with several options to insert image to your post. You can direct upload your image files from your desktop or from phone, webcam, and Picasa or give links of other pages to upload the images. 

After completion of uploading you can edit the image size, alignment, add caption, properties etc. If you click on the image you’ll see various options to manage your image on your post page; sizes such as small, medium, large, x-large and original; alignment left, center and medium etc. Now the image added to your blog successfully. You can add multiple images as per your content or message through your article or post. 

You can drag the image to locate it anywhere in your post-page (before publishing). If found any difficulty in locating, remove the image and add the same image link from HTML mode in your Post Editor Page; just put the cursor where you want to upload and paste the link or click on ‘insert image’ button to add.

How to Upload and Add Videos In To a Blog?

There are four ways of uploading videos in to a blog; 1) uploading directly from your computer, 2) any other videos from YouTube, 3) your own videos in YouTube, and 4) from your phone, iPhone or Android phones with Google+ and some specific applications of Google.

In the Post Editor Page, you’ll found a link ‘insert video’ in the formatting toolbar; click that button and add video from the above said four directions. After adding the video, make its positioning or alignment as per your content size and space.

Uploading a video into a blog takes few minutes that depends upon the internet speed and as per the size of your video file. All the videos you’ve uploaded will store in Google’s video, which will not been indexed or added into the Google Video Search Engine. 

This is all about uploading and adding images and videos in to a blog; it’s very simple. If you’ve any doubt and query please don’t forget to ask in the comment box below. Thanks for reading!