Create Quality Content and Service for Better Content Optimization

Before knowing how to write quality contents, we must know what quality contents are. Quality contents are fresh, user needed, and search engine friendlier. There are thousand topics that can be written in a website, for your readers; however most of the contents are already posted by content sites like Wikipedia, Ezinearticles,, Hubpages etc. What more you can write? Don’t worry! You can write and post unlimited; but the information and content must be fresh and that should attract your reader at first. Here I’ve given very common tips on creating quality content and service for better content optimization.

Focus on your subject

At first you must focus on your subject or reader’s interest. Try to put more content which your readers want. Suppose you’re running a job site, try to put more and more fresh jobs; if your site works on health, try to give immediate replies on the queries or post seasonal health articles etc. It will help to keep continuity to your sites.

Create curiosity

Attract readers with some forthcoming topics or subjects, with a date/timeline/event etc. which will keep your readers watching persistently for some more new contents.

Put fresh and interesting facts

Do not post old and fake articles, which may cause losing readers from your site. Try to post fresh and interesting facts, events, contents, stories or whatever topic you write.

Good and attractive title of your post

Post article with attractive title and content related keywords. It will attract both your readers as well as the search engine.  

Write easy-to-read text

Do not post articles in image format; which a search engine cannot read and the readers also. Write articles with proper English and free from grammatical errors.

Write contents for your readers, not for search engines

As I said above, focus on your subject; do the same for your readers, not for search engines. Try to write contents for your readers with appropriate subject, language, and grammar; do not put unnecessary keywords to attract search engines (which may not suitable for readers!). In addition, do not mention the sentence in search description that not having in or related to your content.

Use Heading, listing and paragraphs in your content

Do not write lengthy or long content without proper heading, listing or paragraph formation. Keep a paragraph/line break after 5-6 lines or 200-250 words of sentences. Use Heading tags i.e. H2, H3, H4 etc. to easy-to-read by the readers and as well as for the search engines. In addition, use Listing tags (<ul><li> or <ol><li>) to listing out the contents in small sentences.